Anakin EP2


You are not a youngling or a padawan anymore. You are a Jedi, a troubled mind, the path is not as clear. This saber is for anyone looking to build on their Ani collection or cosplay. Become the young Jedi and see where the force may bring you.

ALKY’s replica series, the Anakin EP2 replica.

Comes with 12 preloaded colours and 27 pre-loaded sounds including all the lightsabers sounds from Star Wars. Musical themes with gesture controls. The SRGB and SN-Pixel versions can be paired with the ForcePark app on your phone to customize your saber settings. Further customized the saber with the included mirco 32G SD card for the SRGB and SN-Pixel options.

Your order (excluding the empty hilt and RGB options) comes with phenomenon value that includes

  1. an acrylic hilt stand ($20 value)
  2. a blade plug and ($35 value)
  3. a premium hardshell case to store and protect your lightsaber ($125 value)

For the SRGB, get the premium hardshell case for a discount with the package deal.

If you’re ordering from outside of Canada, please include your phone number for shipping.

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Anakin EP2 Lightsaber

1 year warranty and life time tech support

To give you the latest tech, these replicas are made to order. As such it can take 3-6 weeks to deliver depending on your location. We'll work to ship it to you as fast as well can but we ask for your patience for our replica sabers. However, these sabers are worth the wait when you see how beautiful they are in person.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 96 × 15 × 8 cm

Empty hilt, SRGB, SRGB w/ hardcase, SN-Pixel 4, Proffie 2.2

Blade length

N/A – empty hilt, 82 cm, 92 cm


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