ALKY’s designer series, Galaxy. Beautiful cross-hilt with spinning componets. Comes with 16-27 pre-loaded sounds (depending on the model) including all the lightsabers sounds from Star Wars. Musical themes with gesture controls. Customize your own lights and sounds with the micro USB port for the SN-Pixel and Proffie models. The SRGB and SN-Pixel version can be paired with the ForcePark app on your phone to customize your saber fonts.

Your order (SN-Pixel and Proffie version) includes
1. an acrylic hilt stand ($25 value)
2. a blade plug ($20 value)
3. a premium hard shell case to store and protect your lightsaber (with Proffie version – $125 value)

For the RGB and SN-Pixel version, get the premium hardshell case for a discount with the package deal.

If you’re ordering from USA, please include your phone number for shipping.

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1 year warranty and life time tech support

These designers take longer to make as such it can take 3-6 weeks to deliver depending on your location. We'll work to ship it to you as fast as well can but we ask for your patience for our designer sabers. However, these sabers are worth the wait when you see how beautiful they are in person.

Additional information

Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 78 × 3.5 × 5.5 cm

SRGB, SRGB with hardcase, SN-Pixel 4, SN-Pixel 4 with hardcase, Proffie 2.2

Blade length

82 cm, 92 cm


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