What a wonderful turn out for the first lightsaber show in Vancouver by The Vancouver Lightsaber Club. With the weather forecast predicting more chances of rain than shine, it was looking uncertain for the show. However, as the day draw near, the weather cooperated and gave us a nice clear evening to start the show. Kyle Timmons and his helper arrived at the Inukshuk as the daylight is still high. There were plenty of people walking through the area. 

As the sun starts to set and the evening darkens, the lightsabers took their stage. President Timmons swung his favourite saber demostrating his Obi swing. Most of the evenings were of guests dropping by and taking a swing at each other, perhaps to release some pent up anger just like President Timmons’ nose got a beaten from his sidekick’s wild swing. Luckily many were just letting their kid’s side run loose as they bashed their blades.